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Articles in Category: Audio/Video Installation- Forest Heights, OR

Looking to install or upgrade a home audio/video installation? Come to Eighteen Group to see how we can help with your project in Forest Heights, OR.

Hide Your A/V Gear for A Better, Cleaner Installation

Hide unsightly equipment and let your décor shine

Hide Your A/V Gear for A Better, Cleaner Installation

The technology behind speakers, TVs and projectors has seen incredible advancements in recent years. But advanced electronics or software doesn’t necessarily mean the speakers or TV you choose matches your home’s aesthetic. These components can sometimes take up considerable space on your floor as well.

Thankfully, a new trend in interior design and home automation has found innovative ways to blend technology with your décor: hidden speakers and TVs. Today’s blog will share several options for disguising the components of your audio/video installation. If you’re a Forest Heights, OR, resident and you’re thinking about upgrading your audio or adding a home theater, read on to learn more.