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Articles in Category: Audio Video Installation  Happy Valley, OR

Are you ready to enjoy the highest quality music and movies with an audio video installationin your Happy Valley, OR home? Call Eighteen Group to discuss solutions. 

Enhance Your Home With a Premier Audio Video Installation

Discover How Superior Imagery and Sound Elevates the Enjoyment of Movies and Music

Enhance Your Home With a Premier Audio Video Installation

This time of year comes with a renewed sense of family and the bonds that unite us. As daylight is in short supply and the temperatures are low, music and movies provide merriment and enjoyment. Whether you anticipate watching the big games, exploring that new live video game, or filling your rooms with songs that make us all sing, a premier audio video installation elevates the experience.

Now is the best time to upgrade your existing system, explore options for 4K and 8K monitors, add multidimensional sound, or start planning for outdoor entertaining in the spring. Our dedicated staff is passionate about furnishing you with the ultimate in multimedia for your Happy Valley, OR home.

Are you looking for audio and video that matches your luxury lifestyle? Then continue reading below to discover what is possible.

Exceed Your Home Entertainment Expectations with a Quality Audio Video Installation

Get More From Your Music And Movies With An Audio Video Installation

Exceed Your Home Entertainment Expectations with a Quality Audio Video Installation

Music and movies are integral parts of our lives. The media inspires us, lends energy to the day, and helps us unwind. The act of creating and singing songs has been a part of our human nature longer than the written record. Film, while around for only 120 years, is the most influential art form of our times. An audio video installation in your Happy Valley, OR, home should respect the media’s remarkable history and cultural importance. 

Audio and video distribution throughout the home used to require miles of cables and racks full of equipment. Today, we run thin category cable transporting stunning, high-definition digital content over the network and wirelessly via Wi-Fi. You can access the content you want, when you want, from anywhere in the house. 

Are you ready to fill your home with the sights and sounds you love the most at the touch of a button? Read more below to find out!