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Exceed Your Home Entertainment Expectations with a Quality Audio Video Installation

Get More From Your Music And Movies With An Audio Video Installation

Exceed Your Home Entertainment Expectations with a Quality Audio Video Installation

Music and movies are integral parts of our lives. The media inspires us, lends energy to the day, and helps us unwind. The act of creating and singing songs has been a part of our human nature longer than the written record. Film, while around for only 120 years, is the most influential art form of our times. An audio video installation in your Happy Valley, OR, home should respect the media’s remarkable history and cultural importance. 

Audio and video distribution throughout the home used to require miles of cables and racks full of equipment. Today, we run thin category cable transporting stunning, high-definition digital content over the network and wirelessly via Wi-Fi. You can access the content you want, when you want, from anywhere in the house. 

Are you ready to fill your home with the sights and sounds you love the most at the touch of a button? Read more below to find out! 

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The Psychology of Sound 

Music stimulates nearly every area of the brain; it is no wonder that we find it so evocative. The sections especially affected are related to logic and language, pleasure and reward, and dopamine production. It is clear why we tie songs to events in our lives, as a soundtrack to the day and as a catharsis for our emotions. 

Multiroom audio feeds our innate attraction by supplying audiophile-quality audio to any or all rooms of the house. Whether you are playing from your curated collection or high-definition streams, take full advantage of MQA (Master Quality Assured) platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL, and more. With a whole-home system, you are not limited to the indoors; add some shimmy to the barbeque or bring the big game to life on the deck. 

Indoor and outdoor speakers are crafted to produce accurate, deep, and full audio reproduction without calling attention to themselves. There is no need to worry about outdoor speakersinterfering with your landscaping, architecture, or decor like standard sound systems. Inside, ceiling units with directional focus blend into the surfaces by being set back and covered by paintable grilles that lay flush. When the look of a room prohibits any disturbance to the room’s lines, invisible speakers are installed behind the walls to provide uncompromised audio, unseen. 

Experiential Magic of Movies 

Film has been described as the art form with the most potent magic. It is an art form that moves our emotions; we cry, laugh, feel spine-chilling suspense - often all at the same moment! 

The home  theater experience recreates and often exceeds that of the cinema. 

The components combined make the space more than a place to simply watch films. It starts with the room, as essential an element as the electronic technology. A room’s construction, shape, size, lighting, and decor materials all influence the final sound and image presentation. We work closely with your architects and designer to find accommodations that satisfy your aesthetic and technology desires. 

A projector, and the type of screen used, is the central focus of any private cinema. The units generate unparalleled images, with stunning depth of field, millions of vibrant colors, and the intense clarity of 4K video. Unlike large-screen monitors, which are bound by their frames, projectors present movies as the director and cinematographer intended. The expansive vistas and detail of 4K DCI, 4096 x 2160, rivals the best movie houses.  

Great movies, it has been said, should be able to communicate the storyline without audio. If you have ever watched a film across the aisle on an airplane, you know this to be true. Still, it is the sound that makes a film immersive. Surround sound places you in the middle of the action. The system creates a multidimensional sound field that places the dialog, sound effects, and ambient noises right where you would expect them in reality. The racing car moves from left to right, the chasing car and gunshots following just behind. You are part of the action, feeling every move, every rumble of those Michael Bay explosions. 

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