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2 Benefits of a Professional Home Network Setup

From a Stable Internet Connection to Internet Security, There Are Many Benefits to Having a Professional Home Network Setup

2 Benefits of a Professional Home Network Setup

Today everyone is staying home more.  The kids are doing classes virtually, and the parents are doing conference calls in sweatpants.

Having a strong, reliable signal (among other things) is key to making sure that your child is learning in the virtual classroom and, on a lighter note, ensuring family movie night takes place without interruption.

Our customers in Portland, OR know that in order to reap the full benefits of a home network setup that they need the help of a professional.  That’s why our team of professionals will make sure that your home network is installed correctly and continues to operate at its highest potential.

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1. A Strong, Reliable Connection to the Internet

One of the main benefits of a professional home network setup is a strong and reliable connection to the internet.  Perhaps your child needs to access and download large files for one of their classes.  Accessing a virtual classroom for homework needs to be a quick and easy process in order for them to succeed in their education.

Also, if you work from home chances are that you participate in conference calls via an audio/video conference platform such as Zoom.  You could be in the middle of a big deal with a client when all of a sudden your connection is interrupted, bringing the conference to a halt. A reliable internet connection can affect your livelihood now that you are working from home, so make sure that all of your big deals go smoothly by upgrading to a professional setup.

After a long day of working, chances are you want to watch one of your favorite shows or a movie on a streaming platform such as Netflix.  A reliable internet connection will make sure you can do just that in high resolution without any obnoxious buffering.

2. Home Network Security Will Keep You and Your Loved Ones Protected

The right network ensures no unwanted guests are using your Wi-Fi to either stream movies or download songs illegally.  By creating a secure home network that has a strong password, you will ensure that only the people you want to have access to your network will be using your Wi-Fi.

You can also set up parental controls to make sure that your children are only accessing material on the internet that is age-appropriate.  Having professional guidance will guarantee that you are taking the best measures to keep your home network secure.

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