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2 Essential Home Theater Setup Components That You Forgot

A magnificent home theater setup is essential to entertaining

2 Essential Home Theater Setup Components That You Forgot

Since we’re spending more time in our homes than usual, the question of how to keep everyone entertained comes to mind.

People are working and going to school digitally, and parents are having to spend more time at home with the kids thanks to the pandemic.

Having the perfect home theater setup is now more essential than ever.

Home theater setups designed by our experts in Portland, OR give you and your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy all this extra time together and bond. It’s like going to the movies except that you can enjoy the experience from your own home while keeping everyone safe.

Here are a few essential components of the perfect home theater that you might not have thought about.

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1. Satellite Speakers Bring Your Viewing Experience to Life (Especially in a Limited Space)

You can have the best space, screen, and seats in your home theater setup, but if the sound isn’t high quality, it can ruin the whole viewing experience.

With the assistance of a powered subwoofer, satellite speakers can concentrate on the mid and high frequencies so that the entire sound spectrum is audible to you and your audience.

All satellite speakers are not created equal, so finding the perfect one for your home theater is key.

Our skilled staff can help make sure you find the ones that are a fit for your space.

2. Control Your Home Theater from Your Mobile Device

Imagine a top-notch home theater fully equipped with the best speakers, display screen, and comfortable seats.

Now, imagine this awesome setup being controlled by a tacky, oversized plastic controller.

It’s time to upgrade. Today, you can control your home theater from your iOS or Android device.

It can be as easy as downloading an app on your smart device of choice. Sometimes, an additional piece of hardware is required. 

Media-streaming boxes such as Roku and Apple TV have their own convenient point-and-press technology. One thing that’s not so convenient about these devices is that it takes forever to type out the name of a title you’re searching for.

By downloading the apps for these devices on your mobile device, the use of that device's keyboard is available so that you can type much faster. 

This may sound complicated, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed as our experts will be with you every step of the way to make sure you end up with the home theater of your dreams.

Let’s Find the Home Theater Setup That’s Right For You

Since we won’t be going out for movie night for a while, let’s talk about how we can install a great home theater setup with the perfect components for you.

Contact us today.