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3 Things You Absolutely Need for Your Smart Home Installation

A connected smart home makes everyday activities faster and more convenient — make sure you have the right tools to get started

3 Things You Absolutely Need for Your Smart Home Installation

Are you ready to take your home life to the next level of comfort with a smart home installation? Being able to effortlessly adjust audio/video, lighting, climate, security and more to your desired settings while sitting on your couch saves you time and energy on small, mundane tasks. It also allows you to create a more comfortable environment for relaxing at home.

But the ideal smart home requires the right foundation. Keep reading to learn 3 must-haves and how Eighteen Group — a trusted local integrator in Lake Oswego, OR — can help!

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1. A Robust Network Infrastructure

Your home network keeps all your smart devices connected and running. You need a networking solution that’s fast and reliable enough to support audio/video streaming services, a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat, video surveillance cloud storage, mobile devices, your smart home control system and so much more. At Eighteen Group, we can install a robust networking infrastructure with increased bandwidth capacity to handle multiple users and smart systems without affecting connectivity speed.

A strong home network also helps protect your smart home. Since your smart devices connect to the network, a hacker who infiltrates your system can access any of your smart home functions. At Eighteen Group, we can safeguard your system with firewalls and other security measures to protect your home.   

2. A First-In-Class Control System

A control system is the heart of your smart home. It’s the hub that allows you to access and manage all your smart devices and systems in one convenient platform. At Eighteen Group, we highly recommend Control4 for smart home automation.

Control4 offers several benefits over its competitors:

  • It has a centralized control app to store, access and manage all your smart devices, sub-systems, automated scenes and customized settings. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, universal remote or another interface, there’s only one app you need to access for complete control.
  • It integrates with over 14,000 (and counting) third-party devices and systems. That means you can pick and choose your favorite brands for different smart systems, but still only need one platform to control everything.
  • It’s incredibly scalable. Add smart rooms, systems or devices over time as you please — the Control4 system is flexible and powerful enough to make unlimited connections.

3. A Professional Integrator

There are multiple components to a smart home installation:

  • Hardwiring solutions
  • Network configuration
  • Hardware setup
  • Software programming
  • Integration of multiple devices into one control system

It can be an overwhelming DIY project and there are a lot of things that could go wrong. For the best installation completed correctly the first time around, hire a professional integrator like Eighteen Group. We have experience programming and installing Control4 systems and we can walk you through the basics of using your new smart home.

At Eighteen Group, we’re ready to help you build the smart home of your dreams! If you have an upcoming home technology project in Lake Oswego, OR, call us 503-515-1192 or fill out a contact form online. We also offer live chat on our website.