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3 Ways to Enjoy a Whole-Home Audio System

Elevate Your Events, Entertainment, and Daily Routine with a Whole-Home Audio System

3 Ways to Enjoy a Whole-Home Audio System

Listening to music or other audio elevates any event and makes household tasks a little more enjoyable. That’s why many homeowners choose to install a home audio system. Specifically, a whole-home audio system will give you wired or wireless speakers in each room, so you can easily listen to your favorite entertainment anywhere in your home. Choose from tall tower speakers and discreet bookshelf speakers to practically invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Once installed, you’ll find that your home speaker system comes in handy all the time during your daily routine and special events. 

Keep reading to see three examples of when a multiroom audio system will elevate your Portland, OR, home.


1. Events

What’s a party without a little music? Whether you’re throwing an elegant dinner party, a child’s birthday bash, or a festive holiday party, you’ll want to play a little music. And no matter where the party takes place in your home, you can easily control what music plays in what areas of your home. You won’t have to set up Bluetooth speakers or even manually adjust a volume knob. 

Instead, use your home automation system to control what to play and easily adjust the volume via your smartphone or tablet. By integrating your speakers into your automation system, you’ll control everything with the tap of your finger!

2. Morning Routine

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed and start the day, but listening to your favorite music or podcast can help. You can even automate your home to automatically play your favorite playlist when it’s time to wake up. From there, continue listening to whatever you like in the bathroom as you shower and get ready or in the kitchen as you drink your coffee and fix breakfast. You can also listen to the news, an audiobook, or whatever you think will elevate your mornings and leave you prepared for the day.

3. Movie Night

Did you know your home speaker system also integrates with your home theater or media room surround sound system? Control your media room speaker system with ease and queue up a movie from your phone ahead of time. That way, when you’re ready to settle in and watch, you just have to hit play to experience stunning audio while watching your favorite show or movie. 

A whole-home audio system is a great investment that you will probably use daily. The luxury of easily playing your favorite entertainment anywhere in your home is unrivaled. In addition, it will enhance any special events you throw in your Portland, OR, home, and daily routine. 

Let’s get started! Upgrade your home with a multi-room audio system by contacting Eighteen Group! Our team of professionals will help create a system that fits your needs and style preferences, so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment across your home without disrupting your carefully curated interior design.