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4 Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Motorized Shades

Debunk the common myths about installing and maintaining automated shades

4 Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Motorized Shades

Have you dismissed the idea of adding motorized shades to your Portland, OR, home because you’ve heard they’re loud, bulky and difficult to use? At Eighteen Group, we’ve heard all the myths surrounding smart shades, but we’re here to uncover fact from fiction and help you realize the value that motorized window shades can add to your home.  

Keep reading to discover the truth behind the top 4 misconceptions we hear from homeowners about motorized window treatments.

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1. They Are Too Expensive

Let’s start with one of the most common pain points we hear from customers: smart shades are too expensive. Automated window treatments are more expensive upfront to purchase and install — but unlike manual shades, smart shades will save you money in the future.

Instead of looking at automated window treatments as one large purchase, think of them as an investment. Smart shades improve the insulation in your house year-round, which reduces energy expenditure and energy bills. After a few years, your shades will pay for themselves in saved energy expenses.  

2. They Don’t Have Styles and Colors That Match My Interior Design

Another common misconception we hear is that shades are only available in limited styles and colors. This myth was true when smart shades first hit the market, but as the technology has improved and automated window treatments have become more popular, the range of styles and colors has expanded. Here at Eighteen Group, we have hundreds of options available to customize your smart shades in terms of:

  • Style designs
  • Colors
  • Fabrics
  • Textures

We offer everything from brightly colored shades with sheer fabrics in the kitchen to completely sealed off blackout shades in the bedroom.

3. They Are Hard to Use and Maintain

Automated window treatments are far more straightforward to use than manual ones. Manual window shades require you to tug and pull at cords to maneuver your shades into place. And have you ever tugged too hard and brought the whole shade crashing down? Or spent precious minutes trying to manipulate multiple ones into just the right position?

With automated shades, you can control every function from a single smart device: a wall keypad, smartphone, laptop or tablet. Push one button to lower or raise shades in a single room or throughout the entire house. Or set your shades to operate on a schedule during the day. You can even control them from your smartphone or laptop while you’re away from the house.  

4. Motorized Shades Are Loud

Many of our customers associate the word “motor” with a loud noise. But smart technology has advanced to the point where automated window treatments operate smoothly and quietly. We guarantee you won’t have to pause a conversation or movie to wait out the sound of your shades lowering or raising.  

We highly recommend you contact an experienced integration company like Eighteen Group if you are interested in installing automated window treatments in your Portland, OR, home. Professional installation guarantees that the window treatments are set up correctly and that the technology is connected to your smart device of choice for easy control. Plus, our technicians can help walk you through the ins and outs of using your new smart shades.

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