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Control4 Is Home Automation That Responds To Your Lifestyle

The Exciting Features And Functions Bring A Personalized Touch

Control4 Is Home Automation That Responds To Your Lifestyle

A smart home offers many benefits, from making daily tasks easier to improving the wellness of your home. More than just pressing a button on an interface to turn on the lights or raise the volume on the TV, home automation works with the way you live.

A home automation system contains climate control, lighting, entertainment, and security, to name a few. These elements do not work as stand-alone components; each interacts with the other as you progress through the day. Your control system should respond to you, not the other way around.

The Control4 ecosystem was started by its founders to furnish you with a complete smart home that can be configured to your needs and desires. Intuitive interfaces that respond to the sound of your voice or from a mobile device connect you to thousands of partner products.

Are you intrigued by how your Happy Valley, OR home can become an extension of your lifestyle? Read more below to learn how.

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The Light Of Your Life

Lighting is often viewed as a way to guide you through the dark, but it impacts your emotional state and general wellbeing too. Tunable lighting works to maximize natural lighting benefits to enhance your comfort, energy, mood, sleep, and focus.

Your Control4 system starts the day by automatically raising the motorized shades and setting the lights to complement the subtle hues of the morning. As the day progresses, you are provided with more focused task lighting while matching the natural light outdoors. As bedtime approaches, the luminaries transition to warm and muted colors, preparing your brain for sleep.

Media That Inspires

Music and movies are essential components of our daily lives. Your media is used to inspire creativity, add some pep to a party, or help you wind down from a hectic day. The controls make it simple to play the music you want in the kitchen, by the pool, or throughout the entire house.

When you invest in a multi-room media system, the content played on it should be of the highest quality. Control4’s recently released OS 3 improves and simplifies the interfaces and adds features audiophiles and music lovers alike appreciate. Play high-definition sources such as FLAC and MQA natively from sources like TIDAL, AmazonHD, Deezer, or your curated collection.

Personalized By You

From the very start, Control4 incorporated ways for you to personalize how your home works. After we have completed the professional installation, you may decide that certain macros are not to your liking. Find that you want just the bathroom lights to come on with the ‘Good Morning’ command? Other automation systems require a costly programmer to come to your home to make such a change, but not Control4.

The 4Sight portal unlocks access to customization tools that allow you to fine-tune how your home functions. The platform process is simple and intuitive, with guides and pre-commitment testing to ensure you get it just right.

Make Home Yours

A Control4 system and expert installation integrate automation to fit your lifestyle, making your home what you want it to be. Are you ready to experience a truly smart home?

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