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Expand the Entertainment of Your Home with an Outdoor Audio-Video Installation

Create an entertainment oasis in the open space with an outdoor AV system

Expand the Entertainment of Your Home with an Outdoor Audio-Video Installation

Indoor home entertainment solutions are pretty common these days. But luxury homeowners want to expand the reach of their AV system to the outdoor spaces.

It helps in making your home more enjoyable and extends the living space. With a suitable audio-video installation, you can create the perfect outdoor home theater. Plus, it helps you entertain guests in social gatherings.

Want to discover the best AV solutions for your home in Happy Valley, OR? Keep reading below.

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Effortless Streaming with Control4 Automation System

Control4 is one of the leading home automation brands that offer effortless control over home technologies. It also enables you to control your AV system with ease.

The best part is that it can be integrated into both indoor and outdoor spaces. So, if you want to use the whole-home audio system, it will play music with a single button press, even in your outdoor area.

Rather than using multiple remotes to adjust your outdoor audio and video solutions, you can seamlessly control and stream any content using Control4. It offers countertop and wall-mounted control panels for added convenience.

The Control4 automation system is compatible with almost all AV installations and takes the entertainment and comfort of your home to a whole new level.

Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to upgrade your current home features and add new technologies in the future. Plus, it is easy to use. You don’t need to be technically savvy to understand how to use the touch-interface control system.

Create a Custom Outdoor Home Theater with SunBrite Outdoor TV

When it comes to outdoor solutions, you can’t overlook outdoor TVs. While many brands offer this solution, nothing beats the functionality and quality of SunBrite TVs.

They are specifically designed to be integrated into outdoor spaces. Even if it rains, snows, or gets windy, your outdoor TV will continue to deliver unmatched visuals. Moreover, they can be added in shaded and open spaces. During the day, they remain unaffected by the sun’s harsh glare, regardless of where the AV system is installed.

To experience a cinematic feel, add a surround sound to your SunBrite TV and create an outdoor home theater.


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