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Here’s Why You Need a Professional Home Networking Design

Let the pros handle your home network setup for greater speeds and reliability

Here’s Why You Need a Professional Home Networking Design

Owning a smart home means a lot of connected devices vying for bandwidth on your network. Not only is a robust home network needed to avoid network dead spots, but it is also vital to avoid lagging or latency issues. 

Often, clients settle for the standard equipment and installation from their internet service provider. A lot of these are designed for basic use, not for bringing together your smart home devices seamlessly. 

By working with professionals for your home network design, you can get ample coverage, lightning-fast speeds, and more. Read on to learn how a pro can perfect the home network at your Happy Valley, OR, residence.


Increased Bandwidth for Current and Future Integrations 

Smart technology is constantly evolving. Homeowners are always looking to upgrade their homes to keep up with the latest technological trends. But to add new integrations or upgrade existing ones, you need a high-bandwidth home network that can accommodate your changing needs.

Fortunately, when you work with professionals, they design the networking solutions based on your requirements and also factor in any future upgrades, allowing you to future proof your home network.

Pros will use an advanced router with professional-grade performance along with wired and wireless access points to support smart home technologies and 4K streaming without latency.

Ample Coverage Throughout the House

With the prevalence of work-from-home models and the kids focusing on virtual learning, the need for a reliable home network setup is more important now than ever before. But even if your home has a strong connection, it will be pointless if it does not provide complete coverage.

Imagine working in your home office only to get frustrated because of frequent signal drops. As a result, it forces you to switch places and work in a spot where you can get a strong connection. But experts can solve this problem by adding several wireless access points throughout your home. 

The result? Ample coverage in every room, including outdoor spaces. The WAPs are connected directly to the router and boost your wi-fi signal throughout your property. 

Complete Protection Against Cyberattacks

Cyber attackers have come up with notorious ways to access your private and sensitive information. But a professional home network can protect against these attacks. Pros offer encrypted networking solutions that can immediately detect and fight against cyberattacks. The firewalls keep virtual intruders at bay while dedicated VLANs keep vulnerable components further protected. 

A professional home networking design is all you need to get ample coverage, seamless connectivity, and data security. Whether you’re working from home or simply want a robust connection to run your luxury home, Eighteen Group can help. 

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