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Home Lighting Control Brings Your Home to Life

Solutions from Control4 and Lutron Give You the Power to Personalize Your Home to You

Home Lighting Control Brings Your Home to Life

Lighting is a powerful medium. It can transform a space by setting the mood or creating just the right ambiance, indoors or out. Home lighting control influences not just how you see your home, but also your comfort levels and general health.

A smart home brings a more personalized experience by combining design aesthetics with a human-centric application of how light works in your home. With Control4 and Lutron, you can shape how your home looks and feels each day.

Are you intrigued by how lighting can change how you live in Portland, OR? Read below to learn more.

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Lighting Tuned To You

When you enter a room, what is the first thing that you notice? Is it the architectural lines, the furnishing and decor? Lighting makes an impact on your subconscious, reaching nearly as many areas of the brain as music. Light has been shown in studies to have a significant effect on your emotional state and comfort. Cool or harsh lighting makes us uncomfortable and anxious; the illumination in your home should make you feel welcome and relaxed.

Lutron Brings Light to Life

Lutron, founded in the 1950s, continues to lead the industry with innovations that improve your home’s look and how you live. The company’s sophisticated fixtures and elegant keypads blend into your interior design with minimalist style and effective coverage. In 2018 Lutron acquired Ketra, ushering in a new era of lighting based on maximizing the use of natural light.

The patented LED fixtures and HomeWorks controllers deliver on the concept of matching the colors and brightness of sunlight to provide better focus, happiness, and health. The system fills the room with accent or task lights that give energy and vigor to your day. At night you experience a vibrant and stimulating illumination, making your spaces dazzle and excite you.

Control4, Brilliant Illumination

Since its founding in  2003, Control4 has understood that lighting plays an integral part in smart home living. The company feels that your lighting should be a personalized experience that reflects your needs and desires.

The elegant keypads, voice control, and remotes allow you to set the mood with soft or bright lighting, create a little ambiance for dinner, or bring the backyard to life at night. Have just the right light in your home theater or bedroom with multifunction scenes created by you.

Control4 provides options for illuminating the whole home or starting with a select few rooms. The wired and wireless dimmers accommodate any build from centralized cabinets in new construction to distributed wireless units in preexisting homes.

Make the Most of Your Home

Are you ready for better lighting that enhances your lifestyle? Start the conversation by calling 503-515-1192 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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