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How Landscape Lighting Design Puts Your Home in a Better Light

Boost your home's curb appeal and security with outdoor lighting

How Landscape Lighting Design Puts Your Home in a Better Light

Your home's landscape creates the first impression on guests and those visiting your neighborhood. A poorly lit lawn creates a bad impression, but a well-lit landscaping design makes your outdoor space appealing. While there are numerous ways to improve the appearance of your home, nothing beats the aesthetics of outdoor lighting that casts your home in a magnificent light in the evening. 

Read on to learn all the benefits of landscape lighting design for your home in Lake Oswego, OR. 


Light Up Your Landscape

One of the main reasons landscape lighting is so popular is because it highlights your lawn, hardscape, and home. You can add lighting fixtures between trees, bushes, and other plants and create a moonlight effect to beautify your outdoor spaces at night. Pathway and walkway lights illuminate the path leading up to your home and set safe boundaries to walk.

If your landscaping design has a pool, water fountain, pond, or other water features, then add outdoor lighting around them to bring them into the limelight. Moreover, integrating lights within your flowerbed allows you to view the beauty of your lawn even at night. 

Create Appeal & Value 

Outdoor lighting is an excellent investment for homeowners. When the landscaping features of your home are highlighted, it automatically boosts the curb appeal. Also, when your home seems more attractive on the outside, it increases its resale value in the market – if you plan to sell in the future. By highlighting unique architecture, beautiful trees, your professionally landscaped yard, and other outdoor features, you draw attention to the value and beauty of your home. 

Improve Home Security

Landscape lights aren’t simply pretty to look at. They help with security as well. When integrated with your security system, the lights can turn on automatically when a motion is detected or your surveillance cameras detect a threat. This helps deter crimes, and if any trespasser attempts to break into your home, they’ll think twice when all the lights shine on him! With surveillance cameras installed in your outdoor space, the lights will allow you to capture a clear picture of the burglar, thief, or vandal. 

Complete Automation

Like your home's indoor lighting, you can also automate the outdoor lighting system. Preset the landscape lighting to turn on after sunset, so your home looks beautiful from the outside even when it is dark. But also, when your lighting control system is integrated with a smart home system, you can conveniently control the lights using your smartphone. A single press of your fingers can switch the lights on or off. 

Are you ready to incorporate a landscape lighting design into your home? Eighteen Group offers the best outdoor lighting solutions to homeowners in Lake Oswego, OR. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 503.515.1192 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. We can't wait to transform your outdoor space!