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How to Start Designing Your Smart Outdoor Lighting System

Keep these questions top of mind when you’re ready to install a new lighting system outdoors

How to Start Designing Your Smart Outdoor Lighting System

Outdoor lighting can do so much more than help you see in the dark. With the right fixtures and the right outdoor lighting design, it can boost ambiance, improve safety and security, or increase your Portland, OR, home’s curb appeal.

Getting the right look starts with the design aspect. At Eighteen Group, our experienced team can evaluate your outdoor spaces and help you build a custom smart lighting design to showcase your home in its natural splendor. Keep reading to learn a few considerations to keep in mind before starting your design.

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How Do You Want to Use Outdoor Lighting?

Knowing what purpose you want your outdoor lighting to serve will help you choose the right products and design. Do you want lighting that enhances security? Consider placing motion-sensor activated floodlights in your front lawn or on the porch to scare away potential burglars. You can also integrate outdoor lights with your alarm system to turn on when the alarm is triggered.

Or perhaps you need outdoor lighting to create the perfect entertainment area in your backyard and patio. Consider fun, and multi-color LED string lights, garden lights or strip lights to brighten up your outdoor space and set the right ambiance for get-togethers.

What Do You Want to Stand Out?

Where are you trying to draw peoples’ attention? In the back yard, elegant LED or low-voltage path lights beautifully set off walkways, stone pathways, the pool area, fountains or garden beds. Hanging tree lights and in-ground bullet lights produce stunning downlighting and up-lighting to illuminate architectural and natural wonders like statues, trellises, trees and plants. On your back patio, sleek and unobtrusive in-wall, stair and eave lighting can flush out dark shadows and envelop your space in a warm glow when the sun goes down.

In the front yard, path lights, stair lights and porch lanterns can help you find your way inside safely at night. Landscape lighting can boost curb appeal by highlighting your home’s unique architectural features or the stunning maple tree overlooking the house.

How Do You Want to Control Your Outdoor Lighting?

You may be feeling overwhelmed — with so many lighting fixtures, how will you manage to turn them all on and off? Breathe easy, because a smart lighting installation makes control effortless and convenient. When you design a smart system, you’ll have your choice of control: a dedicated keypad, a universal remote, an app on your smartphone or tablet, and even voice control.

With centralized control, using your outdoor lighting becomes as simple as tapping a button or giving a voice command. You’ll also be able to set lighting schedules or automate landscape lighting to respond accordingly to changes in natural sunlight.

Here at Eighteen Group, we’re here to help guide you through the design and installation process for your new outdoor lighting system in Portland, OR. Call us at 503-515-1192 or fill out a contact form. Let’s schedule an appointment to discuss your upcoming project!