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Improve Your Home Spaces With Smart Audio Video Installation

Learn how a high-quality audio video setup in these three home spaces can improve your comfort and entertainment at home

Improve Your Home Spaces With Smart Audio Video Installation

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that’s prompted stay-at-home orders across Portland, OR, and the United States, home entertainment has become more important than ever. How can you keep yourself and your family occupied and in good spirits when you can’t leave the house? Multi-room audio video setups are one solution.

Keep reading to learn 3 home spaces where AV installation can make a real difference in your comfort and entertainment levels, including some areas that might surprise you!

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A Media Room

AV installation is the heart of your entertainment setup in a multipurpose media room. With the right equipment, any room in your home can double as a media room — a living room, family room or even a basement can be outfitted with a large 4K TV and connected speaker system. A media room can meet the entire family’s entertainment needs: a quality AV system supports cable TV, streaming music and video services, Blu-ray devices, gaming and even audiobooks.

If your AV system supports multiple functions, we recommend you contact a professional integrator like Eighteen Group. We can help you design and install the right setup and integrate smart control with a smartphone, universal remote or another interface of your choice.

We offer hidden AV solutions so that your space can maintain its aesthetics. We can conceal TVs to drop down from the ceiling, rise from a cabinet lift or hide within a beautiful piece of artwork. In-ceiling, in-wall and bookshelf speakers offer the surround-sound experience while blending into the room aesthetic.

An Outdoor Patio or Pool Deck

Why limit your entertainment options to indoors? Take advantage of Oregon’s warm summer months to listen to music and watch movies out by the pool. At Eighteen Group, our techs can integrate outdoor audio and video with your indoor AV system. With smart control, you can access and manage all your audio video devices using a smartphone, tablet or universal remote.

Whole-home distributed AV allows you to effortlessly send music and videos to all displays in your home and outdoor area. You can listen to or watch the same content on every display or tune in to different content in each zone. The kids can watch Disney+ out by the pool while you catch up on your favorite Netflix series in the living room.

The Bathrooms

Today, there are plenty of smart devices available to add comfort, convenience and fun to even the dullest rooms in your home — like bathrooms. Get a jump on the day with a bathroom TV mirror so you can watch the morning news while you shower and get ready for work. Or boost your morning energy levels by blasting your playlist over the waterproof, in-ceiling bathroom speakers.

At Eighteen Group, we specialize in designing, installing and integrating audio video, home automation and other technology solutions for residents in Portland, OR. Call us today at 503-515-1192 to discuss your next project. You can also get in touch by filling out our contact form or using the live chat feature on your screen. We’re excited to help you soon — let’s get started!