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Is Santa Coming to Town or a Porch Pirate? 

A Home Surveillance System Keeps You and Your Presents Safe During the Holidays  

Is Santa Coming to Town or a Porch Pirate? 

“G’yaaaarrrrrrr.” That’s what pirates used to say. Nowadays, they mostly come quietly by the porch and steal your latest order from Amazon. Porch piracy is bad enough the rest of the year, but it could cost you even more during the holidays. After all, that noise in the night might not be Santa coming down the chimney. 

At Eighteen Group, we are the smart home technologies experts in Portland, OR. We understand how important it is to protect your loved ones and any presents left on the porch. So, this holiday season, if you are looking to welcome strangers bearing gifts and keep away those wanting to steal them, a home surveillance system is the perfect gift for you.

Read on to learn how home surveillance helps you to better watch out for potential threats, not cry over lost presents nor pout at the thought of a thief drinking from your second favorite mug. 

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You Better Watch Out 

A professional installation guarantees that your surveillance system is designed and programmed to differentiate between visitors and angry porch pirates. Setting up a camera and intercom panel by the gate is a good start, eliminating most threats before they even reach your house. Remote access control lets you open and close the entrance at will. 

Control4 home automation tools also give homeowners a comprehensive platform to control every aspect of their technology systems, including security and access control. From the front gate to the front door, these systems use geofencing and motion sensors to always keep an eye on your porch!

You Better Not Cry

No surveillance system would be complete without integrated alarms and smart access control points. For example, we can set up hidden outdoor cameras and video doorbells to send out unexpected activity notifications to your phone long before a stranger reaches the front door. 

Remote or automated lighting control plays a role as well. If there is someone outside, turning the lights on will send exactly opposite signals to a delivery driver and a porch pirate. So, instead of crying over lost presents, why not keep an eye on them 24/7?  

You Better Not Pout

There is no feeling worse than losing your presents to a porch pirate during the holidays. How could you not pout at the thought of your socks on someone else’s feet? Video analytics and remote monitoring add an extra layer of protection, allowing you to review footage in real-time and relay suspicious activity to local law enforcement agencies. 

And as we all know, even the best thief will be caught in time, just not with your presents!

So if you are ready to send porch pirates walking down the plank, contact our experts for help with your home surveillance system design and installation.