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Lights On, Lights Off with One Tap!

3 Advantages of Installing a New Home Lighting Control System

Lights On, Lights Off with One Tap!

Lighting is at the core of how we experience any space. In your home, every room should feel unique and enjoyable. The living room, kitchen, and outdoor areas are meant to be shared. Bedrooms are for resting and spending time on our own. 

Whenever the lights come on, they should reflect the nature of each space and enhance its experience. At Eighteen Group, we are experts in home automation systems. We understand the importance of home lighting control and its many benefits to homeowners in Portland, OR. 

Here are three advantages to illuminating your home in its own distinctive light! 

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Experience Every Space

Not every light gives out the same vibe; only those designed and installed correctly can generate an atmosphere worthy of your home. The right brands and professional installation are both equally important. 

For example, brands like Lutron design and engineer the types of fixtures that make every room look amazing. Control4 offers the tools to integrate and automate all smart systems in your house and to control every light from a smart device. 

Our experts work with both brands and other industry-leading names in creating home lighting control systems that enhance every space in your home. 

Health and Safety

There is more to home lighting control than meets the eye. Health and safety benefits are an example.

Professionally installed tunable lighting systems benefit your health by mimicking natural light tones and patterns, helping you keep a healthy circadian rhythm. Also, now that so many of us work from home, LED lighting control systems are an ideal tool for maintaining a work-life balance on a daily basis. 

Using commands like “Goodnight” or “Hallway,” turn off all lights in a home simultaneously or light the way downstairs at night. Linking lighting and security systems together through Control4 turns the lights on through motion detectors and geofencing, preventing potential break-ins. 

Energy Efficiency 

No matter the scale of your project, a home lighting control system will add more ambiance, control, and luxury to your home. Some of our clients like to start with controls from a single room and expand from there over time. Others prefer a whole-home approach from the get-go.

Whichever you choose, the ability to control your entire system from a smart device and to customize lighting in every room will enhance the unique nature of your home. 

If you are looking to create an experience for every room, enhance security, and enjoy a healthier living space, why not contact us about a lighting control system for your home?