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Learn How Smart Home Solutions Add Luxury And Convenience With Advanced Interfaces


If you are looking to add smart home technology to your Portland, OR home, you want a premier system known for innovation and intuitive interfaces. The way you interact with devices is paramount, determining your satisfaction with how your home operates. 

Control4, one of the most reliable and popular control systems, is recognized for making technology fit your lifestyle. The company starts with the idea that the system should not be the focus of your home but complement it. 

Whether it is lighting that promotes wellness and balance or whole-home automation that anticipates the needs of your home and how you live in it, Control4 makes it yours. Continue reading to learn how a Control4 system exceeds your expectations. 

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Interfaces Fit To You

In order for any touch screen, mobile app, or voice interface to be successful, it must understand how you expect it to work. Navigating the graphical user interface should be instinctual, encouraging further use and continued exploration of its features and functions. 

Control4’s much-lauded OS3 release enables fluid menus, smoother gesture responses, placement of tools that make using it a naturally relaxing experience. The screens are easier to read with more prominent buttons and touch areas, allowing you to access the actions you want with fewer taps. 

While the glossy and frictionless ease of touch screens offer a more sensual presentation, they can often be more distracting than helpful. For example, when you want to raise the volume or lower the shades, you have to look away from the show or your task at hand. The WiFi-connected Neeo handheld remote offers just the right mix of an interactive screen and tactile buttons. Choose the action you want without having to look down. 

Hands-Free Control

Voice control of the home was the long dream of science fiction writers and enthusiastic futurists. Bell Labs produced the first working examples, demonstrating its “Audrey” in 1952 and “ShoeBox’ unit at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. We’ve come a long way since then, with interactive speakers becoming nearly ubiquitous. 

Control4 embraced voice control early on, interfacing over 14,000 partner products with off-the-shelf and sophisticated AI-enhanced networks. Rather than make you utter awkward phrases or technobabble, Control4 lets you speak in a natural voice and sentences. Now you can raise the kitchen lights without taking your hands out of the dough or initiate a sequence of events or scenes to occur by simply saying ‘Good Morning.’ 

Take Control 

A smart home furnishes you with the convenience and luxury of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle. Control4 makes it easier to manage your whole home. Are you ready to make your home’s automation simple and intuitive? Start the conversation by calling 503-515-1192 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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