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Smart Shades: Five Commonly Asked Questions

Learn More About Smart Shade Automation

Smart Shades: Five Commonly Asked Questions

If you’re new to the world of smart home technology, then you may not have heard of smart shades before. However, they are a terrific option for homes with large windows, such as bay or bow windows, because they can open or close simply with a button.

Like most technology, smart shades have evolved. It used to be that they were too expensive for the average homeowner. However, today they are an affordable option and come in various designs to make your Portland, OR home more comfortable and stylish. 

Continue reading to learn the basics of smart shades.


What is a Smart Shade?

A smart shade is a window treatment, such as curtains or blinds, that opens automatically. You can control them with a wall switch, remote, or smart home control system. Use your smart home technology to program the shades to open and close at specific times of day or when a room reaches a designated temperature or brightness, or you can operate them on demand.

How Safe Are Smart Shades?

Safety is one of the top reasons people invest in smart shades for their homes. Because of automated features, smart shades do not utilize cords that have historically been safety hazards for kids and pets.

Smart shades are also a great addition to your home security system. Because of their programmability, you can keep them working throughout the day and night even when you are not home to keep your home from looking unoccupied.  

Do Smart Shades Require Extensive Wiring?

No, many smart shades are battery-powered. Wiring may be required, however, for some advanced integration features. Smart shades are known for long-lasting battery power, with a single charge lasting years depending on use. Read the specific requirements for the smart shade you’re considering to be sure it meets your requirements. 

Are Smart Shades Dark?

There are a wide variety of customizable styles in the smart shade genre. In some instances, you may want lighter blinds to allow daylight through. But, black-out versions are available if you prefer those in bedrooms or during movie watching

Are Smart Shades Worth the Investment? 

Whether or not smart shades are worth the investment is your opinion. But, how much would you pay for more convenience throughout your day? Also, by programming shades to close during intense sunlight hours, you will conserve energy, lower utility bills, and protect your furniture from fading. Those are some direct benefits of investing in smart shades.

What other questions do you have about smart shades? We’re here to assist with planning for your Portland, OR, smart home technology. Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with us.

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