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Why You Need a Professional Home Automation Installation

Let Eighteen Group Transform Your Home with a Comprehensive Control System

Why You Need a Professional Home Automation Installation

Smart technology is everywhere: our cars, computers, phones, and homes. When it comes to home automation, nearly every device in your home is becoming smarter! For instance, it could be something as simple as your refrigerator notifying you when the door is ajar. Or perhaps you’re able to turn on the oven by using your phone. 

You may ask yourself, “Many of these technologies are pretty simple, so why would I need professional home automation installation?” If you want to take full advantage of a smart home lifestyle, then professional integration is the only way to go. An experienced home automation company like Eighteen Group will set up the system in your Portland, OR, residence to match your lifestyle without complicating it. Read on to learn the benefits of a professional installation of your home automation system.

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Centralized Home Control for All Technologies

You already know that your home has several smart technologies—for instance, a smart lock, video doorbell, or a few smart lights. But most homes don’t have a central platform that enables them to control these technologies. As a result, you might need to control them separately using multiple remotes or smartphone apps. It can get confusing to manage all your smart devices.

However, a professional integrates all your technologies into one home automation system that you can use to control everything - the lights, motorized shades, home AV, home security, and much more! The centralized home control allows you to customize your control options extensively.

Flexibility for Upgrades and New Integrations

Since technology is constantly evolving, your home requirements will also change. If the latest and greatest smart home gadget comes out, how are you going to integrate it with your smart home system? Save yourself the trouble when you want to add new devices or upgrade older ones. A professional integrator considers these aspects and ensures your home control system is flexible enough to accommodate the changes in your life. 

Ongoing Support from Experts

Even the most advanced solutions sometimes run into issues. Whether it is a device malfunctioning or a home network failure, it can hinder the functionality of your home. But the good thing is that you will get constant support from your home automation company. Eighteen Group offers ongoing support and service so that your issues can be rectified quickly. 

Are you ready for home automation installation in your home in Portland, OR? Eighteen Group offers the best home control solutions for residential spaces. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 503.515.1192 or reach out by filling out an easy online contact form to get more details.