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3 Ways to Make Use of Audio-Video Integration at Home

Boost home entertainment in different ways using your AV system

3 Ways to Make Use of Audio-Video Integration at Home

Home entertainment features make your home more engaging and immersive. While there are many ways to boost the fun at home, audio-video integration remains a core entertainment element. 

The simple addition of an AV system can breathe life into your home. The video components allow you to stream movies and TV shows while the audio system fills your home with captivating sound in the form of music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. 

But there’s more than one way to make use of audio-video integration. Read on to discover the top three ways AV integration can make your Portland, OR, home more entertaining. 

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1. Custom Home Cinema 

A home theater is perhaps one of the most entertaining features you can have, and professional audio-video installation can transform any space into a custom home cinema. 

With a 4K UHD laser projector, you’ll feel like you’re in the movie experiencing the action yourself. The immersive visuals create a bright picture with deep detail and vibrant colors. When paired with a surround sound system, the dedicated space automatically gives off a cinematic feel. The high-performance speakers envelop you from all directions, delivering a captivating listening and movie-watching experience. 

2. Whole-Home AV 

While a dedicated home theater is essential to entertainment, why limit it to one room when your AV system can be distributed throughout the house? 

With whole-home AV, the entertainment features become more inclusive, allowing everyone at home to watch or listen to the content they want. If you’re worried about the AV system consuming excessive space, there’s always the option for hidden installation.

The speakers can be installed inside walls or ceilings, so they are barely visible. On the other hand, the video components can be hidden underneath custom cabinets or artwork, so they become a part of the décor when not in use. 

With whole-home AV, whatever you stream in one room can be played throughout the house. Alternatively, custom zones allow you to put on different media content at the same time. 

3. Outdoor Entertainment 

Don’t limit home entertainment to the indoor areas of your home. Bring your audio-video installation outdoors and liven up your patio, pergola, or garden with an immersive AV system. 

The high-performance outdoor AV solutions are designed to be water and bugproof. The video elements are far brighter than indoor TVs, displaying crystal-clear visuals despite the sun. Moreover, the sound system delivers clear-cut audio that remains pristine in the wake of outdoor sounds. 

Make your home more enjoyable with audio-video integration. Reach out to Eighteen Group to get started today. Call us at 503.515.1192 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.