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A Whole-Home AV System Delivers the Ultimate Home Entertainment

Explore the Possibilities in Today’s Audio-Video Installation

A Whole-Home AV System Delivers the Ultimate Home Entertainment

Smart technology is appearing nearly everywhere in today’s homes. From thermostats to smart security cameras, motorized window coverings, and intelligent lighting, virtually every aspect is connected and controlled by home automation. And the world of home entertainment is no different.

4K and 8K HDR, QLED, and OLED TVs have become the norm. Media rooms and home theaters with laser projectors, handcrafted screens, and Dolby Atmos surround sound provide epic entertainment. Audio manufacturers artfully craft architectural speakers that deliver high-fidelity sound to every room in our homes and outdoor spaces. And it’s all controlled with one touch on a single intuitive interface. 

As the premier audio-video installation company serving Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas, we’ve watched this incredible transformation unfold. And, while people are anxious to enjoy the ultimate home entertainment, the common questions we receive are about the complexity that goes with it, the equipment involved, and the effect it will have on their home's aesthetics. Will their peaceful, serene retreat suddenly resemble a technology stronghold? 

The answer is a resounding no! With an integrated whole-home audio-video system, you experience high-resolution images and sound from sources that disappear when not in use and are controlled with one tap on a beautiful touchscreen or remote. Let’s see how it’s done. 

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A Clutter-Free Home

One of the challenges with AV systems is the equipment found in every room and the remotes that go with it. A distributed audio-video system takes care of that. All AV equipment is housed in an unused closet on a custom AV rack, all controlled from the same touchscreen and remote that manages your other smart home systems. Simply select the room and the AV source and enjoy.

Our audio-video experts at Eighteen Group distribute all your AV sources to every TV and speaker. Cable boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, Apple TVs, and music equipment are unseen and shared throughout the home. High-fidelity architectural speakers disappear into ceilings and walls, grills painted over to match their surroundings. Large flat-panel TVs can vanish into ceilings, custom furniture, and behind paintings, appearing with one press of a button.

Effortless to Enjoy

Now, everyone can enjoy their favorite entertainment in any room. Tune into your afternoon podcast in the home office while your partner plays jazz in the kitchen and the kids enjoy pop in the backyard. At dinner time, softly stream the soulful sounds of Norah Jones or the classical masterpieces of Handel and Vivaldi.

Consistent Audio-Video Quality

Your whole-home AV system feeds the same high-resolution lossless audio and video signals to every display and speaker so that everyone enjoys their favorite entertainment in the highest quality. This translates to crystal-clear, detailed music transcending the listening experience and TVs displaying brilliant colors in lifelike images.

Smart Home Integration

Integrated with your smart home platform, we can program easy-to-use scenes. Tap the 'Entertainment' button, and the lighting resembles candlelight, the fireplace ignites, and the ‘Entertaining’ playlist streams through your home.

Are you ready to experience the best in home entertainment? To learn about the many options or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Eighteen Group today.