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Are You Enjoying a Realistic Movie-Watching Experience?

A home theater company takes entertainment to the next level

Are You Enjoying a Realistic Movie-Watching Experience?

Do you love watching movies on the big screen in theaters? Why not bring that same experience to your home? By hiring a skilled and innovative home theater company, you completely transform the way you watch movies at home. Professional integrators can design and implement solutions that result in an immersive theater space. 

Read on to discover how a professionally designed home theater setup at your Portland, OR, home can exceed your expectations. 


Projectors That Produce True-to-Life Scenes

No home theater setup is complete without a projector. It offers the cinematic experience you crave! 

However, standard projectors require a large space for the best view, and if your dedicated movie-watching space is small, you might have to settle with using a TV - unless you work with pros! Home theater designers have access to the top brands that offer ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors that can be installed even in smaller rooms. And the most impressive thing about these projectors is that they produce visuals that are true-to-life and just as vivid as the films you see in the movie theaters. 

Watching your favorite movies and TV shows through these projectors makes it feel like you’re seeing real events unfold right before your eyes. The depth, sharpness, brightness, and color contrast, everything is on point, allowing you to watch anything in unmatched quality. 

Immersive Audio That Surrounds You from All Angles

Professional home cinema companies offer audiophile-quality sound solutions that keep you immersed in movies. Depending on the size of the room, your home theater may be equipped with a 5.1, 7.1, or greater sound system that surrounds you from all angles - even above! - for a mesmerizing movie-watching experience. Whether you’re watching a movie or simply listening to songs, the high-performance sound system will never fail to impress. 

A Smart Lighting and Shading System to Prevent Distractions

A home theater setup should be free from all kinds of distractions. Typically, light is the main problem, be it ambient light from the lighting system or sun peeking through the windows. Smart lighting and shading systems allow you to tune out the lights and adjust the shades with a button press so that you enjoy watching movies without any reflection or glare hindering your view. 

Experienced Installations with Eighteen Group

Professional installers take care of the home theater design, customization, and installation. After surveying the space, the team at Eighteen Group will provide AV solutions accordingly. Once you have chosen your technologies, the installation will take place. That’s when you truly unlock the perks of working with a pro. The professional installation makes all the difference, with the key placement of each element for an elevated movie-watching experience.

Choose Eighteen Group as your home theater company. Call 503.515.1192 for more details. You can also reach out to our experts by filling out an easy online contact form.