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Bring Your Backyard to Life with Landscape Lighting

Add Atmosphere and Excitement to Your Backyard Entertaining With Outdoor Illumination

Bring Your Backyard to Life with Landscape Lighting

One of the great pleasures of homeownership is having the ability to entertain outdoors. When you gather the family to celebrate milestones, watch the big game with friends, or relax after a hard day, it is better outside.

The first thing we think of when the conversation turns to backyard barbeques or get-togethers is usually all-weather televisions and audio. While these components are important, landscape lighting brings your property to life after the sun sets.  Outdoor illumination instills a sense of wonder and extends the use of your yard well into the evening. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of lighting up your Portland, OR property? Read below to learn more.

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Setting the Stage

Indoor lighting, like the one managed through your Control4 system, is used to create a mood, set the atmosphere, and generate a sense of ambiance. Landscape lighting has two main functions, to guide your way in the dark and enhance the aura of a space.

The contrast of light and shadows is the first element to strike you when entering a room. The colors, warmth, the shapes it creates, and the items it highlights all influence your unconscious impressions.  In much the same way theatrical stages use this power to sway your emotions, outdoor illumination is used to create drama. By applying a bit of creativity and fun, your backyard can become a wonderland or the perfect palace to unwind.

Crafting the Right Atmosphere

Lighting can tell a story and craft another world right in your backyard. Silhouettes create soft backdrops when shown through hedges and by highlighting boundaries and pathways. Drama and texture are generated by spotlighting architectural features and masonry using grazing techniques. Add some romance to the evening by simulating the way moonlight streams through the trees.

It is well known that different colors and hues affect our moods, help build a sense of anticipation and bring excitement to a space. Kindle intrigue and fun by starting the night with combinations of reds, greens, and yellows to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers. As things begin to wind down, use your smart home controls to transition the lights to blues and violets to create feelings of tranquility and calm.

Solutions for Outdoor Entertaining

Entertaining outdoors is an essential part of living here, but you do not have to leave the luxury of indoors behind. We provide solutions for outdoor living year-round, whether you are looking to keep the music flowing or watch a movie under the stars.

Are you ready to bring the night to life? Call us for a no-obligation consultation by calling 503-515-1192 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!