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Take Effortless Control Over Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Voice control, a smartphone app, automation and more — explore all the ways you can control your outdoor lighting!

Take Effortless Control Over Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Control is one of the most crucial elements of outdoor lighting design. You may have dozens of lighting fixtures around your Lake Oswego, OR, property serving different purposes for security, entertainment, ambiance, and curbside appeal. If you don’t have an easy, streamlined way to control how and when you manage outdoor lighting, your system loses value because you probably won’t use it as much.

Luckily, smart systems offer multiple ways for you to access and personalize all your connected outside lights. Keep reading to learn more about smart lighting control!

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Centralized Platform

Breathe a sigh of relief — we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to walk around flipping switches to turn on and off all your outdoor lights. Instead, centrally control your outdoor lights through a smartphone app, touchscreen tablet, dedicated remote, or even voice control. So when the kid's race past you to play outside after dinner, all you have to do is grab your control device and activate the backyard lights with one touch.

You can even activate your outdoor lights remotely using your smartphone. Say it’s growing dark when you’re leaving the office on a Thursday night. Simply pull up the lighting system on your phone and turn on the porch lights with the tap of a button. You’ll feel much safer coming home to a well-lit house.


What’s even better than one-touch control? No-touch control with home automation. You can set your system to automatically turn on and brighten as the sun goes down in the evening. If you’re enjoying dinner or hosting a party on your back patio, you won’t need to raise a finger to keep the fun going as your outdoor lights seamlessly pick up where the sun left off.

You can also utilize automation by creating custom schedules to control your lights. Perhaps you’d like your front yard lights to stay on until late at night for security purposes and to scare off possible intruders. Use scheduling features on your smartphone or touchscreen tablet to instruct the outside lights to turn off at a set time — say midnight. Now you can still go to bed at a reasonable time and not stay awake solely to turn off the porch lights.   

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an energy-efficient way to control outside lights, especially if you have outdoor lighting for security purposes. Sensor-activated floodlights can flare into brightness when an intruder creeps too close to your property. Just the presence of bright, outdoor lighting can be enough to deter a would-be burglar. Or you can install sensor-activated pathway lights or porch lights that only turn on and light up a helpful path when someone is coming up your driveway. You’ll never have to worry about tripping or feeling unsafe while walking to your door at night.


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