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How To Incorporate the 4 Main Types of Outdoor Lighting

Utilizing a Layered Lighting Design to Create an Outdoor Oasis

How To Incorporate the 4 Main Types of Outdoor Lighting

Are you considering an outdoor lighting design for your Portland OR home? Because of the many clients we've worked with, we know that people are amazed at the difference creative lighting can make in their yard and home.

We also know that it’s easy to put off and even a little intimidating. So, let's break it down and look at the four main types of outdoor lighting and the designs that change the lives of homeowners.

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Pathway lighting is perfect for walkways, gardens, and driveways. They add such charm and elegance that many homeowners add paths after the initial installation, lighting the way to backyard features and along the property perimeter. Other nice elements to consider are motion sensor lights that glow with each step or lights that emulate a flickering candle.

Consider lighting your deck and stairs as well with recessed LED lights that accent architectural details and help ensure safe passage. Some align perfectly flush with the deck in virtually undetectable housing.


Some homeowners are tempted to light every nook and cranny in their yard, ultimately making the area look washed out. A successful landscape lighting utilizes the less is more approach, highlighting certain features and creating an enchanting play between shadows and illumination.

Spotlights throw a narrow beam of light at landscape features that you would like to highlight. Up-lighting can be accomplished using well lights or inground lights to showcase larger features such as waterfalls or trees and garden walls.


This type of outdoor lighting is where the real fun begins. Our project managers will discuss your lifestyle, how you use your outdoor space, and what you envision when designing the ultimate entertainment area.

Some clients appreciate the playfulness and soft accent lighting that light strips and strings provide. We can create a beautiful display of twinkling lights where your guests and family dine outdoors or sprinkle some lit stardust through trees and shrubs. Through the use of fiber optics, starlight can light up the sky or garden paths.

Outdoor wall lighting calls attention to specific areas of the yard. Depending on your design and taste, wall lanterns or sconces can add accent lighting to patios, pools, and pergolas. Lanterns can also hang from beams and trees or sit on tabletops. Some brands offer diffuse nighttime lighting, not too bright and not too dim.

Deterring Miscreants

Whether scaring off an urban coyote or a person with ill-intent, motion-sensor floodlights serve as a good first measure in home security. When placed by doors and windows on walls or under eves, the bright rays act as a solid deterrent. When combined with surveillance cameras, you can easily see who lurks near your home and take preemptive action.

Some motion detectors are so sensitive that they can discern motion from more than 60 feet away. Powerful LED lights can illuminate the home and yard as though the sun were out and shining bright.

The Power of Home Automation

When you combine your outdoor lighting with your smart home automation system, magic happens. Some lights automatically come on at dusk, while others await a touch on the tablet or smartphone. In addition, LED color-changing lighting systems allow you to change the color of your lighting depending on your mood.

At Eighteen Group, our customer-focused approach and team of world-class experts take the time to understand your vision before implementing a solution that exceeds your expectations. For a complimentary consultation, contact Eighteen Group today.