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Three Cool Things You Can Do With a Home Security System

Three Cool Things You Can Do With a Home Security System

Home security is a necessity for the modern home in Forest Heights, OR. You might not be enthusiastic about shopping for deadbolts and surveillance cameras, but protecting your home and the people inside it means having a sound security system. And with the help of home automation, a home security system is not only a breeze to have installed, but it also has some pretty neat features that you might not know about.

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Record, Save, and Share Video and Audio With Authorities

Video surveillance cameras are nothing new, but technology has come a long way. We are talking about higher resolution and larger camera angles for bigger pictures. But that’s not all. When you integrate your home surveillance with a home automation system, all your feed goes to the cloud for storage, giving you more options for space and protection if someone breaks into your home and potentially steals important equipment. A cool feature of surveillance now is called 'deep learning,' which allows authorities to use a keyword search to pull up specific events in a piece of footage. This footage can also be backed up and shared with authorities remotely.


Remotely Access Your System Anytime, Anywhere

You don’t have to worry about going on vacation for two weeks and leaving the house empty. Home security systems can be accessed remotely through your home automation system app so you can see and hear every angle of your home, inside and out. So if you are concerned that you didn’t lock the pool house doors before you left, you can check and lock them remotely if necessary. Gain peace of mind knowing that your home is safe while you are away enjoying your vacation.


Allow Deliveries or Friends Into Your Home With Remote Access

New camera and audio enabled doorbells are the hottest new device in home security and well worth the talk. The doorbells are discrete devices, so they blend in seamlessly with your exterior. But these handy little devices have live streaming video and audio that let you see and hear who is at your door. The days of front door package stealing are over with this handy little device. And they also help let friends and family in too. Say your cousin dropped by to drop off that dress you wanted to borrow, but you are stuck in traffic. No problem. Once she rings the doorbell, you are alerted on your smartphone and can unlock the front door and let her in.

What to find out more about what an integrated home security system to do for your home? Chat with one of our smart home experts or give us a call at 503-515-1192.

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