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Smart Lighting Puts Your Entire Home in a New Light

Discover How a Smart Lighting System Installation Adds Beauty, Safety, and Control

Smart Lighting Puts Your Entire Home in a New Light

Many homeowners don’t consider how lighting can increase the aesthetics of a home considerably. By adding modern fixtures and improving the overall lighting design in a home, you can highlight architectural features, artwork, and even set the lights according to your mood. Lighting control can make all the difference, whether you want to dim the lights for relaxation or brighten them for a party.

Read on to learn more about lighting system installation as well as the other benefits it has for your smart home in Portland, OR.

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What is a Lighting Control System? 

A lighting control system allows you to automate the lights throughout your home. Instead of flipping a light switch, your lights think for themselves by using schedules, motion detectors, and light sensors. Even then, you are able to take control of the entire system with a smart home tablet, sleek wall touch panel, or smartphone app. No matter where you are in your home, with the simple tap of a button or icon, you can dim or brighten the lights of the entire room. No need to touch a switch, turn a dimmer knob, or even get up out of your seat!

Improved Aesthetics 

Create the look and feel you want, inside and out. Do you want to watch a movie in your home theater? Settle back in your seat and touch a “Movie Night” scene on your tablet. Then, all the lights dim, the AV system starts up, and the movie begins on the big screen. You can also add curb appeal to your home in the evening or nighttime intrigue for outdoor parties. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting transforms your dark yard into a lovely lighted landscape.

Complete Control 

Gone are the days of switches, dimmer knobs, and rows of “wall acne.” Luxury homeowners want more. Now, you can completely automate the lights without one switch on your wall. Preset them to slowly illuminate in the morning to help you wake up. In the evening, they can dim automatically at a preset time as you prepare for bed.

Moreover, sensor-based lights will light up your path when movement is detected. It offers complete hands-free control. Plus, if you ever need to adjust the lights, just use your smartphone. A single tap of your fingers can change the light setting throughout a room or your entire home. 

Improved Security 

A well-lit home keeps criminals and thieves at bay. Even when you’re working late at the office or away on vacation, it’s easy to remotely adjust the interior lights to make it seem like you’re home. In addition, if an intruder enters your property, your security cameras will capture clear footage because your outdoor lights will shine brightly.

Are you ready for lighting system installation in your Portland, OR, home? Eighteen Group offers the best lighting automation solutions for homeowners. Get in touch today by calling us at 503.515.1192 or filling out an easy online contact form.