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Automated Lighting Fills Your Home With Beauty and Well-Being

Together, Lutron and Control4 Create the Perfect Ambiance and Ease of Living

Automated Lighting Fills Your Home With Beauty and Well-Being

Have you been considering a smart home lighting installation in Lake Oswego, OR? While some homeowners simply want to experience the ease of controlling all the lights from their kitchen chair or living room couch, home lighting automation offers much more than simple convenience.

Ambiance, beauty, energy efficiency, and well-being are all byproducts of smart lighting. Let's delve into these benefits and how this lighting is changing homeowners' lives.

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Lighting plays an incredible role in creating the right ambiance for unique occasions. For example, think about when you walk into a restaurant. You know right away by the lighting if it's a place to go for a romantic dinner or the restaurant you want to head to after a big promotion.

The lighting that many homes "come with" doesn't allow you to alter the color or temperature to affect the mood. Even if you can dim the lights, they remain the same white glow. Lutron's tunable lighting changes all of that. Now, you can select colors from the whole visible light spectrum. When you consider the various hues and intensities, that means you have millions of light options at your fingertips.

When guests are over for dinner, you can create a warm candlelight glow in the dining area while transforming your outdoor patio lights to reflect sparkling stars and moonlight. Maybe you're enjoying a fun evening with a few close friends and decide to splash different colors of blues, greens, and purples throughout your home.

Suddenly, lighting has become a celebration and an artistic statement.


Do you have some fine art that you know would look better under the right light? Would you like to change the accent colors on a wall with the touch of a button? Or maybe your water fountains could use a splash of icy blue. As a full-service custom electronics and design integration company, we can help you select just the right shade and intensity to make your loved artwork look like the artist intended.

Energy Efficiency

Dimming your lights saves electricity. In fact, dimming a halogen or incandescent light reduces energy usage by about 20%. That means that in addition to creating a beautiful environment, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and saving money at the same time.

When combined with occupancy sensors that turn the lights on when you walk into a room and turn them off when you leave, you can reduce your electric bill substantially. 


You've probably heard about the circadian rhythm. It's your internal time clock and the natural cycle of changes your body goes through in 24 hours. It's affected by light and darkness and, in turn, affects your sleep cycle, appetite, temperature, and mood.

Unlike our ancestors who were active during the light of day and rested when night fell, the advent of electricity allows us to stay busy 24/7. Unfortunately, the bright lights and blue-lit computer screens suppress melatonin, the hormone that helps us drift off to a good night's sleep.

Lutron's tunable lighting helps readjust our sleep-wake cycles. It does this automatically by adjusting your lights throughout the day, mimicking the sun's natural light. A warm yellow light wakes you up in the morning, while cool blue tones help you focus throughout the day, and the warm, red hues of evening promote peace and relaxation.  

Combined with Control4 Home Automation

An elegant lifestyle shouldn't have to be frustrating or time-consuming. At Eighteen Group, our goal is to create an enjoyable, luxurious lifestyle that brings ease of living, joy, and convenience.

When you combine Lutron lighting with Control4 home automation, you experience unrivaled manageability. All your lights, shades, security, and entertainment are controlled from one user-friendly interface found on touchscreens, tablets, and mobile devices.

We can also program customized buttons on stylish keypads that control multiple devices with just one touch. For instance, a “Good Night” button can close the shades, dim the lights, arm the security, lock the doors, and leave a dimly lit trail of lights from your bedroom to the kitchen or bathroom.

Are you ready to create the lifestyle of your dreams? To learn more about the possibilities found in home automation or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Eighteen Group today.

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