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An LED Lighting Installation Transforms the Spaces You Live In


The light in your home is the single largest influencer of your senses and psychology, from affecting your health and focus, to your feelings of security and comfort. Without proper illumination and comfortable temperatures, all of your other luxuries and entertainment are diminished.

An LED lighting installation transforms the spaces you live in, creating ambiance, setting the mood, or enabling you to better work and play. Whether you brighten up the kitchen or bring some theatrical drama to outdoor entertaining, lighting changes how you see the world.

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional fixtures for your Portland, OR home? Continue reading below to find out more.

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LED fixtures are more than low heat and energy-saving bulbs. The units unlock a new world of illumination, one that you tune to fit your mood, aesthetic, or everyday needs. The right light enhances your daily routines and allows you to create the perfect look.

The color temperature of a bulb changes the demeanor of a room; too cold, like the light from standard fluorescents, makes a room unwelcoming and subdues your energy levels. Warmer light stimulates the body and activates the more abstract regions of the brain.

Tunable lighting allows you to find the right mixture of white light to produce the effect you desire. Set the mood for quiet reflection in the spa, add just the right amount of brightness and warmth for focused reading, or be crisp and invigorating as you work in the garage.


Natural sunlight provides the biggest benefit for your health and well-being. The UV rays stimulate the production of Vitamin D and the hormone serotonin, increasing your immunity, neural pathways and making you happier. 

While traditional lighting installations often seek to minimize or even block the sun, LEDs enable you to incorporate the outside illumination through fine-tuned color temperatures. The result is a balanced rhythm to your day and a more positive outlook.

A modern system incorporates our evolutionary relationship to the cycles of the sun. You wake to the slow rise of motorized shades and lights that supplement with softer intensities. As the day progresses, the network of fixtures transitions into brighter and more functional. When evening approaches, the bulbs gently move to warmer hues triggering your brain to prepare for sleep. With human-centric technology, you get a more restful sleep, making you healthier and ready to face each new day.


You do not have to let poor or improper illumination hold you back from the life you want to lead. Are you ready to add more light to your life? Call us at 503-515-1192 or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started. We look forward to speaking with you!

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