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The Importance of a Wireless Internet Connection for Smart Home Automation

Wi-Fi Helps Build a Reliable and Fast Home Network

The Importance of a Wireless Internet Connection for Smart Home Automation

Today’s homes are smart and connected. In 2021, it’s estimated that there are an average of 25 connected devices for every home in the U.S., and these connected devices rely on a solid internet connection to function. Without this, delays, lags, slow downloads, and dead zones become a frustrating everyday occurrence. 

Let’s look a why wireless home network services are so important to your home in Happy Valley, OR, and the simple solutions that ensure fast and reliable coverage.

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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the world by storm, and smart homes play a significant role in our reliance on the internet. Today, our blinds, lights, audio, video, climate control, and security systems may all require a solid internet connection. These components may take up quite a bit of bandwidth and put a tremendous load on a home network system.

While a wired connection can offer increased reliability, it can’t connect every smart device. Too many do not have an ethernet port and require a Wi-Fi connection to operate. 


A smart home is all about luxurious ease of living, a fun and elegant home that requires just one touch on a tablet or keypad to perform multiple functions. Homeowners don't want to be tethered to a cable and limited in space or access. Imagine having to connect to a cable every time you want to use your laptop. Obviously, those days are gone. 

Creating a Reliable, Fast Home Network

During the initial build, installing wiring in walls is an easy integration. Post-build, updating, or installing a wireless network is less invasive and can save time and money. This type of network also allows for easier integration when more connected items are added down the line.

A reliable Wi-Fi network begins with a high-quality router. Your router connects your devices to the internet, choosing the best route and prioritizing devices. For example, your smart router may prioritize bandwidth for video games and streaming movies. The speed and reliability of your wireless connected devices are based on the quality of the signal you receive. 

As smart homes advance and more connected gadgets arrive, the router that may have performed impeccably for years may no longer be able to handle all of the traffic. Radio frequencies, the type of cable connecting your router to the modem, and the internet connection speed all play a part in your home network's reliability, security, and speed.

Every home and homeowner is different, requiring a unique home network setup to create the seamless connectivity and ease of living that a smart home should bring. At Eighteen Group, we pride ourselves on impeccable, customized service and technology solutions. For a complimentary consultation, or if you’d like additional information, call Eighteen Group today.

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