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Upgrade Your Space with Smart Lighting Installation

Learn How Automated Lighting Can Add to Your Luxurious Lifestyle

Upgrade Your Space with Smart Lighting Installation

When it comes to your home, you deserve nothing the best. So why not implement solutions that make life easier for you and your family? Adjusting light settings across an expansive property can be quite exhausting, but with smart lighting installation, it won’t be. Smart lighting is effective, and it can be tuned to fit your unique lifestyle. 

At Eighteen Group, we design lighting solutions for homeowners in Portland, OR, that allow them to make it through their daily lives with less stress. We know you have a lot on your plate, so we’re here to help you remove some of it. Please read on to learn more about our solutions and how they can add value to your life. 

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Smart Lighting Promotes Safety

Without the proper lighting, your home will be vulnerable after sunset. Properties that aren’t well-lit are more likely to be targeted by thieves. If your home has quality lighting, potential intruders are more likely to move on and attempt to find a different target.  

You can even connect your lights to an existing alarm system for a greater sense of safety. So, if someone is trespassing on your property while it is armed, your automated lights will prevent them from hiding. 

Are you planning a vacation, perhaps? Once your smart lighting installation is complete, you can have peace of mind during all of your future family trips. You can set the lights to adjust throughout the day to make it look like there are people at home. This way, your property doesn’t appear vulnerable.

Take Charge of Your Space 

With smart lighting from us, you can make your living space work for you — no light switches required. You can control our lighting solutions from your phone or tablet with ease. So there’s no need to get up from your comfortable spot in bed; you can simply adjust the bedroom lights from your smartphone and settle down to enjoy the experience you deserve.

If you have a schedule you like to stick to, your new system can help with that as well. You can tune the smart lights to turn on, turn off, or dim themselves at certain times of the day. So when it’s time for bed, you’ll get a subtle reminder to help you stick to your schedule.

Do you often get up throughout the night? If so, you would benefit from motion-activated lighting designed to illuminate your path as you head to the kitchen in the dark to pour a glass of water. Gone are the days when you had to fumble in the darkness to find the light switch. 

We’ll Design a Solution for You

Here at Eighteen Group, we value every homeowner who decides to work with us. We will design a solution for you that takes your needs into account and makes your daily life simpler. 

Let us handle the smart lighting installation for your Portland home and get ready to fill your home with luxury and convenience. Get in touch with us today