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Enjoy Music Anywhere With a Home Audio Installation

Bring Your Home to Life, Manage Your Moods, And Spark Creativity With A System That Inspires Indoors And Out

Enjoy Music Anywhere With a Home Audio Installation

No other art form moves us the way music does. The rhythm, beat, and melodies influence emotions, change perspectives and instill a vibrancy to the moment. 

The simple act of listening is a powerful form of magic; research shows that music stimulates all areas of the brain. For example, it enables the production of serotonin- the hormone associated with happiness and pleasure and increases creativity. 

Modern streaming technologies give you unprecedented access to any genre of music from anywhere in the world. Whether you are relaxing to the classic compositions of Kaija Saariaho or kicking back with something more contemporary, a sound system should deliver sound reproduction of the highest quality. A home audio installation offers the ability to have different music to each room in the house, outdoors or throughout the entire house.

Are you looking for the experience of full, resonant sound in your Happy Valley, OR, smart home? Continue reading below to find out more.

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Coverage Without Compromise

Music provides the soundtrack to your daily activities, inspiring you while working out in the gym, relaxing in the spa, or whipping up dinner in the kitchen. In the same way, lighting controls change the atmosphere of a room; the audio system sets the ambiance and mood. A sophisticated distribution system delivers every nuance, every instrument to your ears with full-throated audiophile quality.  

Each home's space differs with its own architectural flow, decor, and furnishings. The acoustics created can detrimentally color sound if not accounted for. Rooms that are completely symmetrical have sharp angles, open floor plans, and glass walls present complications. If these issues are not attended to, it lessens the quality of reproduction you hear. Our expert audio designers and install team make sure you experience seamless coverage without compromises. 

To Be Heard Not Seen

You hear with your ears, not your eyes. The visions, images and scenes that inspire should happen in the space between your ears. Similarly, your multiroom speakers should blend into the room, not be the focus.

It is sometimes thought that to achieve audiophile quality that wows, large boxes that dominate a room are needed. While a dedicated listening room has its benefits, being heard and not seen matters for everyday listening.

Blending speakers into your architecture furnishes you with an unencumbered view, preserving the aesthetic of your home. Units disappear by installing ceiling speakers that lay flush with the walls and sit behind paintable grills. In those spaces where there can be no distraction from the decor, 'invisible' speakers are mounted inside the walls. As a result, the music generated appears to come from nowhere and everywhere.

A Better Sounding Home

A single song can change the direction of your day, personalize your spaces and enhance the way you work, play and relax. Are you looking to transform your home through audio? Call us for a no-obligation consultation by calling 503-515-1192 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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